Sunday, May 19, 2013


I use Pinterest everyday. A lot. Maybe a little too much. I use it for every corner of my life...but especially for my classroom. I find so many great ideas every time I browse.

If you teach 3rd grade, I have lots of good finds thanks to those I follow (hopefully some that are new to you). I love seeing what other teachers are doing in their classrooms! It is so fun to see the creativity of other teachers.

Spring (End of Year?) Cleaning

Summer is almost here! My last day with my kids is this Wednesday. It is hard to believe that this year is wrapping up already. I have had a great year with my kids! They have been the sweetest class. It is going to be really hard to send them on to 4th grade. It is almost tempting to move up to 4th grade...almost.

As I wrap up the year, I have been going through some things on my computer. I have listed a couple things on Teachers Pay Teachers as freebies.

One activity that I put up is from the beginning of the year. This activity reinforces writing numbers in standard, written, and expanded forms. Give students dice and let them show you what they know! It is more hands on than a worksheet, which your students will enjoy! It includes 2 pages. The first page has ones and tens digits. The second has ones, tens, and hundreds.

If you want to grab a copy, click the following link...

Another thing that I listed is pretty simple. It is a sign for your library book basket. I back it in cute patterned paper and laminate it at the beginning of the year. Sadly mine did not make it to the end of this school year. It was a casualty of rough handling by 3rd graders.

This sign can be found here...

If you enjoy any of my freebies, please leave feedback! Thanks so much!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Stepping Out

It has taken me until my 3rd year of teaching to finally share/sell some of my things on Teachers Pay Teachers. It has taken the encouragement of a mentor to finally decide to step out and try! Here is a link to my store on Teachers Pay Teachers...

I hope that you can enjoy some of my freebies!!