Thursday, February 13, 2014

More Snow Days

Living in Tennessee, we get very little snow. With all these crazy snowstorms across the Southeast, we have had a very odd winter. So far we have used 7 snow days and we have potential for another one tomorrow. I was shocked how much snow we really got yesterday. Here in Tennessee we are used to being disappointed by our weather reports. They were right on it this time! Sadly, it is melting quickly, but there is potential for refreezing tonight. Teachers and students are loving all these unexpected breaks!!

I have been working all morning on Fact and Opinion. Our 3rd grade team was told NOT to teach the skill because it would not be tested. WRONG. We got the specific skills that will be on our end of year assessment (TCAPs) and surprise, surprise...fact and opinion is tested! Not just that, but several other skills that we were told not to teach. Gotta love it. Needless to say, we are a little stressed about making up time and getting in those skills.

Here is what my morning is looking like on this beautiful snowy day!

(Of course the Olympics are on in the background!)

I have been looking for any resources I can find on fact and opinion.

Here are some good freebies!

Fact and Opinion Freebie by Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher
Fact or Opinion Reading Center Station Activity Game by Workaholic NBCT
Facts and Opinions Sort Freebie by Speechy Musings
Also check this out from ReadWorks

I have a random teacher question...hopefully someone can help me out. Does anyone know how to lock your text and graphics into a flip chart in ActiveInspire? I want to share this with my teammates and TPT, but I am not sure how to save it so it opens with my fonts? I do not want to totally lock the flip chart because there is an interactive part for the kids to sort facts and opinions. Any suggestions? THANKS!

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